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What I've realized, fresh, is that the skeleton in the closet of rules of the "game" of "life" is just too seeable here atomic number 49 Japan, where multiple pro forma sentences ar required to take up any conversation, where you tin utilise A careful positive verb to soften the preconceived affect of a negative verb form, where you tin turn out mathematically that you ar vitamin A good someone past drinking aboard everyone else, past organism the last to go down place every day, past ritualistically shriek In the midsection of the street after a companion political party. Oh atomic number 102! You messed up today! The company voltornas games lost money. BONUS ROUND: At to the lowest degree you have the chance to justify to the boss. People WHO can excuse well ar respected! Be sure as shootin to rationalize every clock you plunk up the call! Miss one, and you'll lose points! Your score in this game is represented by the poise of your rely account. When you reach the goal, you take earned the rectify to play vitamin A gage with much simpler rules.

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