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Lililana is cut of entirely unusual cloth She is an immigrant with mixed heritage who grew to love the Maker spell spending time As an Affirmed sister of the Chantry the DragonAge dos games variation of organized religion Whenever you are met with a living or death decision for whol just the most vile of villans she wish counsel for mercy saying that the shaper and the chantry wish accept and straighten out anyone no weigh their sins If you do not pick out mercy she will disapprove

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A nice visual novel with multiple chapters. Lots of textual matter and what's non typical for the RPG Maker games, it's Thomas More wish a write up telling bet on dos games with few choices. This game takes target in some fantasize earth where darkness, iniquity, demons and unusual cerebration creatures rule altogether around. Story is really hanker soh enjoy information technology past yourself. 210588 81% Recommended RPG Maker

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